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About Wet n Wild
Where nature spreads its full spirit, and that is what Bhitarkanika national park is all about. The BHITARKANIKA NATIONAL PARK is located as one of the most e nthusiastic wildlife sanctuaries of Asia. The pleasant biodiversity combined with beautiful terrain, mangroves dominated ecosystem, the spectacular birds from different parts of the world, and attractive vegetation make Bhitarkanika as one of the most awaiting n amazing wildlife sanctuaries in India. This park occupies a special place in the world map due to reasons more than one. and it just keeps attracting tourists all through the year because of its various qualities. Bhitarkanika has a brilliant green rich n pulsating ecosystem located in the estuarial region of Brahmani-Baitarani in the north eastern place of Kendrapara district of Odisha. though this place is famous for reasons more than one but the mangrove forests of this place find its own way. Mangroves generally grow in tropical n sub-tropical inter-tidal regions. The dynamic salt tolerant species of trees are another attraction of this destination. The sanctuary covers an area of 672 square kms n it is covered with mangroves n wetland.

Approximately 215 types of birds including winter migratory birds from Europe n central Asia come to this national park as if it's their favourite home ever. Apart from mangroves n foreign birds, the sanctuary has the giant salt water crocodiles and numerous verities of other animal species. This tourist destination including mangroves creeks, estuaries, rivers, accumulated land, back water and mud flats is very suggestive according to the ecological, biological and geomorphologic background of odisha. Bhitarkanika is also popular for avifauna, reptile n mammal population. Apart this king cobra, water monitor Lizard n Indian python are often found in mangrove forests.Eight different kinds of kingfisher birds, white bellied sea eagle,brahmany ducks,sea gull,.waders,bar headed geese hornbill are the other avifauna of the region.Reptiles like pythons,king cobras,flying fox,wild dogs,leopards,wild boars,chinkara,hyena bear are the other importantfauna which are seen within the protected area of Bhitarkanika.

An area of 145 kms has been declared out of the sanctuary as the bhitarkanika national park. The park has an ideal location for trekking,camping n picnic.On the coast of bay of bengal on the sparwling beach of 35 kms lies the world of heritage site of gahirmatha beach which is the nesting ground of the olive ridley sea turtles.motor boats are the only one way of commutation to this heavenly island.Each and every parts of this place ,the natural appeal,the vivacity of mangroves n its creatures,everything will definitely dazzle your heart only at one glance.your odisha trip is incomplete if you are nt an upholder of this beautiful place. so just come and take a look how the wild wondrful creatures are nurtured n garnished in this sanctuary.............

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